Walk before you run, run before you fly, or so the saying goes. pencil sketch of a great blue heron standing in a water with its head lowered to hunt

… Only it’s hard to walk and run your way into launching a website. And building a website to share the work of your imagination and your own two hands can be downright daunting. It’s also exciting, empowering, and liberating, though.

I’ve been reminded, as this site has taken shape, of the way large birds look when they’re getting ready to fly: legs straining, bodies reaching, great wings spreading wide. It seems impossible. It seems they’ll never get off the ground – but they do. With natural strength that is as mundane as it is marvelous, they take to the air and then all is grace and beauty.

watercolor painting of a great blue heron flying

I can only aspire to manage some semblance of grace and beauty here, though I’d be lying if I said that running, leaping, flapping awkwardness of take-off didn’t look all too familiar!

I hope you’ll enjoy following along with me here as I share my artwork, the natural wonders that inspire it, and colorful tidbits from my home and garden. If you find joy in the same places I do, and peace in the places I find it, so much the better. If not, that’s okay, too – just relax and take in the view.