The crocuses are blooming.

muilticolored crocuses on brown mulch

There are plenty of other things I could write about today. But you don’t need me to.

You don’t need more words about social distancing, or hand-washing, or canceling events.

You don’t need warnings, or platitudes, or  predictions.

But maybe you need crocuses.

white crocus flower on a brown mulch background
multicolored crocuses on a sunny day

Most of the things I grow are fruits, vegetables, herbs. Useful things; things you can eat. I don’t plant a lot of flowers. but today, I am grateful for the crocuses.  Because today,  I needed them.

I needed them to remind me that whatever happens in our human world, nature goes on with its rhythms and cycles and miracles. I needed something small and beautiful to focus my attention on, if only for a moment. 

yellow crocus flower on brown mulch background, overhead view

If you’re feeling worn out and overwhelmed; if your thoughts are spinning so fast there’s no room left for creativity, I hope you find some solace in these little gifts from nature, and the message they bring.

Spring is coming. There will be more beautiful things. More miracles.

For today, there are crocuses.