Winter Contrasts

In New England at this time of year, the term “winter wonderland” regularly applies. Sure, there are storms that bury us feet deep, and unappealing slushy days are by no means rare – but there are also the mornings I wake up to something like this:

photo of tall trees covered with fresh snow, and a cloudy sky in the background

When I saw this view the other day, I was struck by the contrast of the black trunks and branches against the delicate covering of snow on the reaching branches. It looked so enchanting and mysterious, I could not help imagining that I was looking out over a magical fairy forest – and not just the woods by my side yard. 

A few hours later, in between household errands, I happened to glance out again. 

… And the magical fairy forest had filled with blue sky and glowing winter sunlight.

photo of snow covered trees with blue sky and clouds in the background

The view is quite different, of course, with the addition of sunlight and shadow and color. Still, having looked back and forth between the cloudy scene and the sunny one, I can’t decide which seems more magical.

There is no one kind of winter wonderland, I suppose. Depending on my mood, sometimes I love the brilliant sparkle of sunshine on snow and sometimes I prefer the softness of gray sky and clouds against a snowy white world.

I have painted both kinds, too, and I expect I will again, with inspiration quite literally falling from the sky!

What is your winter wonderland? Sun and sparkle? Clouds and quiet? Whatever flavor of seasonal beauty speaks to you, I hope you find plenty of it – and I hope you’ve enjoyed sharing in mine!

photo of snow covered tree branches with blue sky and clouds in the background