Brightening the Indoor World

November is here, and with it has come weather fit to remind us that summer is long gone, and winter only a few short weeks away. As the chill sets in and the first snowflakes begin to fly, the outdoor places that I enjoy so much become a bit less… hospitable. And though I still love and admire the natural world, at this time of year I find myself admiring it more from the window with a hot cup of tea.

winter trees and forest edge in fog with bare tree tops and cloudy sky

Of course, that vantage point is also a fine place to reflect on the indoor space around me.

Perhaps you’re doing the same – noticing the empty spot on the wall that really ought to have something hanging on it, thinking this couch could use a cozy throw blanket – or maybe you’re searching for the perfect nature-inspired gift. I’d love to help! Here are some ideas from my collection.

Original artwork is perfect for wall decor, but there are other great options as well!

This environmentally friendly printed basswood wall panel featuring my watercolor “Over There” adds a homey touch to brighten your space. For other wall panel designs and more wall decor ideas, including clocks, canvas prints and more, check out the Wall Art section of my Zazzle shop, here

It is definitely cozy blanket season in this part of the world!

Wrap yourself in nature’s beauty with throw blankets and fleeces from Zazzle featuring original A B Foley Art designs. And for lots of other great home accents, be sure to check out my whole line of home decor items here

Would that cup of tea, or coffee, or cocoa be better in a bigger or more beautiful mug? Of course it would!

You’ll find my whole line of nature-inspired mugs and drinkware here

Whether you’re feathering your own nest for winter or checking off your holiday gift list, late autumn’s short days are a fine time to bring Mother Nature indoors.

Did I mention that original art is perfect for wall decor? 

It’s also perfect for sunsets.

Visit the A B Foley Art Shop for original paintings, as well as archival quality giclee prints and note cards.

acrylic painting of a bird on a branch in silhouette against and lavender and pink background
"Perching Bird at Sunset"
Late autumn sunset with pink and purple sky and bare trees in silhouette