Spring is here! I know, because the hats and mittens are put away, the grass needs cutting, and most of all – because things are in bloom!

The crabapples are blooming.

crabapple blossoms and leaves

(The edible apples are also blooming here in Johnny Appleseed’s old stomping grounds, but since most of the apple trees in our own orchard are tiny wee babies, they don’t blossom yet. Maybe next spring.)

… And the violets are blooming!

common blue violet (viola sororia) flower growing in front of a gray rock

Our yard is full of common violets, and they are one of my favorite wildflowers. I keep meaning to do a botanical painting of these guys, and it somehow hasn’t happened yet. I think that will be my next project. So keep an eye out for a violet illustration showing up soon!

Another thing in bloom: Our dogwood tree.

branch of cream white dogwood blossoms on a background of forest trees and grass

This tough guy got its top third snapped off in a storm last year and didn’t miss a beat. And it’s so pretty. You deserve a close up:

close up of cream white dogwood flowers against a forest background

In editing the dogwood photos, I realized that I never even thought of painting a dogwood before! Cherry blossoms, I’ve done, and they sort of remind me of these – soft and delicate on twiggy branches. But dogwoods have a wilder, more untamed feel. I think a dogwood painting will have to be in my future. I’ve always had a fondness for these pretty woodsy trees. Putting it on the to-paint list!

That to-paint list seems to get longer by the moment. Trees and flowers are waking up and blooming in our quiet country neighborhood. For me, inspiration is, too.

Wishing you a beautiful and inspiring spring!

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